Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Is It, To Be a Hero? What Is It, To Be a Legend?

What is it, to be a hero? What is it, to be a legend? Look in the mirror and you’ll know. Look into your own eyes and tell me you are not heroic, tell me you are not legendary! Tell me you haven’t endured, or suffered, or lost the things you care about most. And yet, here you are, a survivor, you live, you breathe; you walk, talk and work. We’re all survivors, some more than others, but none of us alone. We all have our stories to tell, we’re all legends!

Some have been bestowed with the gift to inspire, the power to motivate, to push others forward to live another day; putting a smile on a face and provoking thought with a brilliant design, an inspiring quote, a divine piece of music that moves you to the core.

We’re all here to make a difference, to push boundaries, to give flavor to a tasteless rough life. Rich or poor, young or old, you’re here for a reason. Cause a hero is not someone who lives above us watching over us, a hero is not a god; a hero lives here on the streets among us, always here but rarely recognized.

Look in the mirror and see yourself for what you truly are. We’re all heroes! Yes, we are legends!

{Inspired by my dear friend, Samer Safir}