Sunday, May 24, 2009

Insomnia – Amnesia!

Insomnia! Amnesia! Ain't it funny how both words just sound so melodious to your ear, yet their meanings are just elicit of troublesome lost lives!

Ever felt like zillions of thoughts are racing through your mind they just engender pain?!
A HEADACHE! Head and ache, two words combined to give out something we all suffer from pretty much in our daily lives!

Ever felt so lost, confused, and bewildered?! You don't know whether to be happy or sad, count your blessings or count your curses? Ever felt this excruciating pain that runs through your heart caused by surrounding occurences, personal or non-personal? Ever felt lone, isolated, or misunderstood in spite of the presence of loved ones?Ever felt lost in thought with unanswered questions?
Ever felt guilty you want to escape?
Ever felt innocent you can't make a break?
Ever felt lonesome, you're lost in a trance and can't awake?
Ever felt so tearful you can't breathe without a shoulder to cry on?
Ever felt so speechless you can't scream?
Ever felt like weeping when you're laughing?
Ever felt so hollow inside with nothing to fill your void?
Ever felt so crushed your heart just breaks?
Ever felt like you just don't belong and all you want to do is run for your life or fly far far away? Ever felt so overwhelmed with doubts and fears for lingering hopes and dreams you just get paralyzed and reach a point of no return?

You're just drowning in this sea of thoughts and emotions, frozen, wrecked, vulnerable with no foreseen rescuer! You keep drowning and drowning with not even a single straw at sight! You're blinded! You're deaf! You're senseless! You're very much dead!

Yet no, you're sleepless! Your mind is racing against... Mmm... Against what?
Time or space or some other unknown dimension?
Dillusioned! Hell yes!

Suddenly, your mind goes blank... Nothing to think of anymore! It's just empty! You wonder where and how you were just a moment ago! No answer... Still this vacant blank taking over you! Vacant blank? Is that even possible! Maybe... I know I made it there at some point!
And the legends of the fall unfold!

Simultaneous insomnia-amnesia is what it is! Sleepless, caught up in wasted memoirs of a life that was, a life that is, a life that won't seem to come back, a life that ceases to exist!A new disease? Maybe...No, an ancient one...

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