Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Gaza

Lost in the translation
Of the cries of a nation
Undergoing elemination
By the beast of civilization

The rapists of the sacred land
Even the tiniest grain of sand
Would not even allow a hand
To be stretched to the aid
Of the wretched and the ailed

Humanity forsaken
Mercy undertaken
The world is shaken
By the gravity of the making
Of a massacre unprecedented

While everyone stands witness
To the killing and the bitterness
Of the helpless commanders
As they take their orders
Flying across the borders
Of a world torn by disorders

Then, in shame, they hide
From their peoples and their chide
Yet nothing seems to have changed
All is constant, all is unchanged

The hour of rebellion is near
Compassion is more than a tear
On the cheek of those who are dear
To the hearts of the fighters who will
With valor, regain the violated hill
And restore the divine will
On earth with a steady kill

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