Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Thee!

The Memory remained...
In my heart contained...
By my mind unexplained!

You lifted me up the seventh sky
Then brought me down the seventh earth!

With a heart of stone I wish I was born!
You let me go, now you’re forlorn!

You shred me into pieces... Shipwrecked!
You abandoned me on the shore and left!

Lonesome tears, I can’t cry them anymore...
I don’t know what they’re for...

I’d tell a friend to forget,
But with you I haven’t a single regret!
I’d tell a friend to move on,
Yet your memory lingers on!

Now I come to think,
Whatever I am, I’m nobody’s!
Once in the past, I was truly somebody’s!

On a pedestal of your own you'll remain...
Trying to forget you, yet in vain!

I got my armour back on...
But your remembrance lives along!

Mending, I think I'll survive...
Your memory, my heart still unwillingly revives!

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