Sunday, May 24, 2009

Of the Raging Sea That Will Never Calm

Always has the sea been a friend of mine
When the going gets tough
And in the most dire of times
It’d ease that endless sorrow of mine

The keeper of my secrets
The wiper of my tears
The holder of my hand
The kisser of my pain
It consoles me, never in vain

In the passion of the sea I drowned
That inside me, it ranted and raved
Deep within my soul it endured
That I felt its waves come alive
Looking for more, dreaming of more
Wanting more, yearning for more
And surviving forever more

A harvester of sorrow is what I was
Now I’m reborn, open to what’s to come
Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
There is a hunger still unsatisfied

A futuristic vision brought to life
Of high hopes that will always revive
The dreamer that I am
The detector of truths
The seeker of opportunity
And the lover of youth

I’ve become a dreamer that will never wake
In the obscurity of a life blurry and murky
Chasing the light at the end of the tunnel
Swept away by the fast train of a life
That is a battlefield to storm through

I’ve become a nomad in a desert of hope
Though in my lost haven I dwell
Looking for something as hope
From a sunny sky must have fell

I’ve become a writer to unleash
The locked waves within
Inspired by the nine muses
Who played on my fuses
To set free my mind’s wanderings

The raging sea that will never calm
Always roaring for more
Reaching up to the skies
Solo, I drift with its tides
Seeking peace and harmony
Seeking a soul mate to be

A hectic hunt I embark on
To discover my destined half
No longer compromising
To the aches of loneliness and solitude
And the misery that likes company

Falling for the wrong ones no more
The universe conspires for me to deplore
My thoughts of despondency and gloom
It conspires against me no more
To help me find the match I never met
Yet, faithfully, certain that I’ll meet

For my pursuit of happiness
I strive to exist in blissfulness
With the strength of a prey
That refuses to be victimized
Or fall as yet another casualty
To a world by conflicts wearied

Of the raging sea within
A story remains untold
Not a thing will ever appease
Its appetite for the extraordinary
Still it will always tease
My appeal for the unknown

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