Sunday, May 24, 2009

Of the Curious Case of Time

[This poem is inspired by the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button]

I wonder if I can turn back time
To the day when I was young
And rewind the tape of my life
To dear memories imprinted deep
Of times full of hopes and dreams
To innocent childhood swept away

A conscious voice awakes
Freedom is all it seeks
From the binds of the keep
Of the time and its gate
And the keeper in a spate
Keeping the travelers abate

Understanding life is a journey
Undertaken by the brave
Seized by a sensible crave
For the unusual and the grave
Before it is too late
And one comes of age

Age so old turns into a heavy burden
Too hefty to carry on one's shoulders
A backward clock becomes a fantasy
In a world filled with loads of agony
Wishful thinking becomes a felony
Redeemed by regrets and senility

A realization renewed manifests
That present is a precious gift
Of times not taken for granted
If only there was no tomorrow
One other day, God only knows
On this earth, cannot be guaranteed

Now a new resolution beckons
Into each and every second I dive
And for shinier tomorrow I strive
Yes, life will forever be a mystery
That must be lived forwards
Only to be understood backwards

1 comment:

  1. Great movie. Nice poem. Forwards or backwards, life will only flow if you choose to let it.